Having completed its efforts towards international qualitystandards;

• Producing in compliance with international qualitymanagement standards,

• Maintaining the continuity of our reliability through aspecialized staff and after-sales support services,

• Creating innovative and solution-oriented ideas aboutgrain storage systems,

• Leading the sector through the R&D projects we havebeen carrying out; therefore, being able to address ever-changing needs,

• Keeping the customers update about the changes in thesector,

• Focusing on customer satisfaction throughout production,approach to after-sales services and activities,

• Increasing our efficiency, reducing wastage and costs,constantly improving our quality in order to sustain our corporate image andreliability,

• Constantly training our employees to better theirqualifications, efficiency, knowledge and skills, with emphasis on humanresources,

• Constantly improve our system in parallel with theexpectations of our customers, personnel and sector and the ever-changingconditions,

• Keeping track of technological improvements and falling instep with improving conditions,

• Cooperating with our suppliers and customers in betteringquality,

• Respecting the environment, and take the necessary painsin protecting the environment during our production processes,

• Causing all members of our staff to adopt theunderstanding of WHAT IS PRODUCED IS ALWAYS MY PRODUCT in order to guaranteequality and efficiency, and

• Always keeping in mind that we are a team,

form the very basis of OBIAL’s quality policy it has beenvery watchful about so far. The company was awarded TS EN ISO 9001:2008 and DINEN ISO 9001:2008 certification, still keeps improving its projects beingconducted under these quality standards. We, as OBIAL, have adopted thefollowing codes of conduct in order to prove trustworthy in the eyes of our customersthrough quality production, well-timed delivery, express and efficientafter-sales service support, reasonable pricing, and innovative services.



We approach everything we do with sincerity