Our most important concern under the rapidly changingsocio-economic conditions of our rapidly changing world is what we can do tofall in step with the new circumstances and gain a competitive edge ininternational economy. With this perspective, OBIAL has made it a corporatephilosophy that the only ways to increase competitive power were continuousimprovement, renewal and continuous development. Aware of the fact thatproducing worldwide brought a great responsibility, OBIAL puts great emphasison its production, production facilities and manufacturer-customerrelationships. OBIAL aims to reinterpret the manufacturer-customer relationshipwithin today’s global trade and production approach and create a platformoffering Full Solutions under the roof of a strategic cooperation. Within theframe of factors including climate, type of grain and loading/unloadingmechanisms defining the design of Storage Systems, OBIAL Full Solution Platformstrives to produce the most economical and ideal product that will address thecustomer’s present and future needs.

Thanks to the joint efforts of design and engineering departments, the FullSolution Platform offers the customer a long-term strategic partnership, beyondwhat can be achieved by cooperation throughout the production process. The FullSolution Platform comes with a function rendering services (consultancy) to themanufacturer as an extension of the Total Quality as well as going further thanthe turnkey production approach. Thus, the customer gains a third relationshipwhich establishes a direct and long-term cooperation with the manufacturer inaddition to its identity as an “ordering and purchasing customer.” Operating agrain storage facility with an annual production capacity of 3.000.000 tons inits high-tech production center which has ISO 9001-2008 Quality ManagementSystem certification, OBIAL recently targeted to increase its production capacityby 65% up to 5.000.000 tons and reached this target. The company is nowadaysproceeding towards higher targets. As one of the world’s largest productionfacilities, OBIAL exports 70% of its production to more than 70 countries,selling nearly 30% of its productions in the domestic market.


We approach everything we do with sincerity