Flat Bottom Silos

Being aware that high-quality production is only possible byspecialized personnel, modern production techniques and full-automatedproduction, OBIAL zinc-plated steel silos and conveyance equipment are designedby the product development/design department to address all grain storagerequirements and produced accordingly. High-quality zinc-plated metal sheetsused in silo production resist 450 MPA and are corrosion-resistant. The customproduced metal sheets used in the production of our silos have a zinc platingstandard of 450 gr/m2 and 350 gr/ m². The zinc plating ratio changes accordingto customer demands. OBIAL offers difference silo options, including flat andconical-bottom silos, starting from a diameter of 4.51 m diameter to 31.60 m.To be able to carry the vertical loads on the silo, vertical suspensionsupports mounted on the silo surface are used to yield maximum strength. OBIALvertical suspension supports perfectly distributes the pressure put by thegrain in the silo on the side walls of the silo over the bottom of the silo. Toensure maximum strength at all joints in OBIAL steel silos, Dacromet 500Acoated bolts, grade 8,8, are used. To make the silos airtight and waterproof,special sealing elements are used on metal sheets on the silo frame and on thejoints of upper roof. There are safe access doors that can be easily opened andclosed on the second floors, and observation lids on the roofs of all OBIALsilos. The silo access door has two layers; the outer layer is made up of asingle piece of zinc-plated sheet, and the inner layer is made up of two doorsplaced one on top of the other. If the grain fill-level of the silo has gone upthe access door on the silo side wall, the observation lid on the roof allowsaccess into the silo. In all OBIAL silos, there are inner stairways to enterthe silo, a safety cage external stairway to access silo observation lid on theouter surface of the silo, and a platform to rest. And there are double-railingand safety roof stairways on the roofs to be able to reach the top point of thesilos starting from the eaves. OBIAL silo roofs are among the strongest siloroofs worldwide. OBIAL silo roofs are designed to resist the loads from upperroof conveyance equipment, snow loads, wind loads and the weight of temperaturecables. The slope of the 30 degree silo roofs ensures an optimum fill level forthe silos. To reinforce the strength and endurance of the upper roofs of widegrain silos, they are designed as cages using special cross-section profiles.The strength of the silo roof is maximized thanks to this architecture. Thetemperature command system used in OBIAL silos allows us to identify hot spotsand insect activities, freeing our customers from reinstalling the grainconditions on the screen. The OBIAL temperature command system consists oftemperature cables, temperature sensors installed inside the cables to measurethe grain temperature, and portable or stationary temperature screens. Thereare special steel ropes inside the temperature cables, protecting the cablesagainst elongation. The temperature command system is aligned with the PLC toallow for controlling the grain temperature inside the silos via the PLCscreen.

Conical Bottom Silos

OBIAL conical bottom grain storage steel silos can be usedfor multiple purposes. Conical bottom steel silos’ conical bottom angles areproduced at 45-65 degrees according to the type and flow characteristics ofgrain to be stored. Conical bottom steel silos can especially be used in animalfarms handling storage operations of various types of grains, and in facilitiesincluding feed and flour mills. They are also optimum for short-term andtemporary grain storage. Side wall sheets, suspension supports and access doorsof all OBIAL conical bottom silos are made up of zinc-plated steel sheet.Steel, due to its structural characteristics, is very resistant in conicalbottoms. OBIAL offers you conical bottom steel silo options in various sizesand capacities from 2,11 m to 10,83 m.


OBIAL bucket elevators economically carry the grainsvertically. The elevator system is designed for grains and is designed for theheaviest working conditions.

All OBIAL elevator systems consist of a column, drive unitcap, a tension unit, and zinc-plated sheet. Buckets used for verticalconveyance of grains are standard plastic, metal or zinc-plated metal bucketsspecifically produced by OBIAL.

Due to the water tight properties of the motor group (IP 55)located at the cap of the elevator system, it needs no cover. Drive from themotor to the reducer is through a V-belt pulley. The reducer is directlyconnected to the drive shaft. There are 2 observation lids at the cap of thedrive unit, allowing easy Access and maintenance. The inner part of the cap iscoated with rubber to make sure the grains are conveyed to the distribütör withno damage. And the cylinder over the cap is rubbercoated to prevent slipping ofthe belt and skidding.

There are 2 observation lids again for ease of access at thefooting of the elevator system and 2 portable lids to make cleaning easier. Thetensioning unit made up of zinc-coated sheet tensions the belt, which becomesloose during summer due to weather conditions and extended use, preventing itto perform less effectively. The lower cylinder consists of a steel cage toprevent the grains from being conveyed through the grain intakelid and the beltfrom being released. 


OBIAL chain conveyors are available with capacity rangingfrom 45 up to 500 t/h.

OBIAL chain conveyors transport the grain horizontally orangularly, free of damage and in an economical way.

All OBIAL conveyor chains are extra hardened to operateunder hard working conditions. Grain carrying scraper flights efficientlyreduce the friction between the chain rails and the surface of conveyor box,they are made of plastic derlin material, connected by bolted system andassembled on the conveyor chain rails. Chains move easily inside the conveyorbox on special derlin plastic bobbins which are located inside the conveyor andclosely spaced. The chain conveyor sprockets are made of steel and extra-hardenedby cementation. In comparison with welded conveyors which consist of onecomplete part, the repair, maintenance and assembly of the OBIAL conveyors aremuch easier because of the complete bolted system used.

Specially designed for intake pits, OBIAL chain conveyorshandle the grain free of damage and with high performance.

 Belt Conveyor


Produced from Magnelis sheets, OBIAL multipath distributorsare used in distributing the grains and are located under the upper cap of theelevator. Thanks to its insulated structure, it doesn’t permit release of dust.Screw assembly system is used on all joints of the distributor. The flow pathof grains may be set as desired using a switch. OBIAL distributors are beingproduced with a capacity and strength to ensure problem-free operating inhigh-tonnage filling and discharge systems. The motors and sensors used on thedistributor can easily be disassembled and replaced in case of any failure. Thedistributor frame also houses an observation lid to monitor the flow and todetect and remedy any failure and clogging in the distributor piping.


The lower discharge conveyor helps the grains in the silo tobe conveyed out of the silo. Thanks to the lids over the conveyor system andthe mechanism commanding these lids, the silo can be safely discharged. Thecommand centre first opens the central lid, not letting other lids to beopened. After the flow from the central lid ends, the other intermediate lidsare opened. The conveying system is produced from zinc-plated sheets. The poweris directly conveyed from the motor reducer to the drive shaft in the conveyor.This ensures a more efficient and safe operation of the conveyor.

And, OBIAL bottom cleaner conveyor discharges the grainsremaining at the bottom of the silo by rotating 360 degrees around itself. Thesuspension bed system and the steel cage system are made by estimating thegrain load falling on them. The drive and motion units are designed individually.This permits the maximum use of bottom cleaning conveyors.

Grain Driers

Working Principle Fan aspirates air into combustion roomthrough shutters and forms a controlled mixture with the gas coming frominstallation. This mixture is burned by the burner. The heat formed advancesalong combusTİon room with the help of burner fan and upper aspirating fan andpasses through transiTİon channel and is transmitted to air channels of productchamber. Thereby heat is transferred to product and some of heated air isextracted in a controlled manner and remaining heated air enters the systemagain and is mixed with the atmosphere air received from cooling shutters. Airis irculated along the system in order to reduce its humidity (saturation).Humidity of the product within this loop is reduced to desired humidity ratioand then product asses from unloading mechanism to hopper and exits the system.Grain which is equal to the amount of product leaving the system is added tosystem with the help of sensors. It is prevented that heat goes toflow pipethrough transition connection by means of this adding process. 1.) It hasgalvanized and thoroughly fixed strong base structure.
General Specifacition
1.) It has galvanized and thoroughly fixed strong base structure.
2.) It allow to work easily under different products and product conditionsthanks to grain intake system.
3.) Interior roof and supports ensure that humidifiedgrain passes throughchamber as granulated.
4.) Turbulent air circulation is avoided thanks to low static pressure and homogenousheat dissipation.
5.) In emergency situations, machine's burning system is closed thanks to heatsensors.
6.) Temperature values is increased to maximum value from nominal by means ofair mixer.
7.) Burners keep temperatures needed fixed continuously.
8.) Burner system consists of Elster Krom Schröder or Dungs brand high-safedevices.
9.) Burner system is worked by using fuels like LPG, LNG (in gas phase) and NG
10.) Grain within chambers is kept under control with emergency unloadingcovers.
11.) Grain storing chamber is automatic controlled and it controls feederelevator and provides electric saving.
12.) It keeps the product within chamber without loss thanks to unloading whichis made invariable by pneumatic system and desired unloading time is adjustedby means of timing mechanism.
13.) It is ensured that fans are protected from external conditions with thefan shutters fixed by
pneumatic system.
14.) High capacity fans are covered by metal sheets, black sheets and coatedwith static paint and burners are covered with stainless and galvanized metalsheets. Doors and covers opened into these
sections allow easy intervention.
15.) Heat loss is reduced to minimum thanks to external heat-insulation.
16.) Whole heat flow, air flow and temperature values within the system arereached and adjusted
with the Siemens control panels (PLC).

Rotary Drum Sieve Pre Celener

World population has gradually increased and, as the resultof this increase, cultivation areas of grain group which is one of the basicrequirements of human have been expanded. As parallel with this expansion thegrain group should be stored for short and long term. Since the grain group isnot in pure situation within the place stored after harvesting, it should becleaned from foreing matters i.e. from grass, stones and sands. While screeningprocess made manually in sieves continued day after day in the past, thesystems which sieve tons of grain per hour have been developed thanks tostate-of- the-art technology nowadays. The name of this unit is pre-cleaningunit. Precleaning consists of 5 main components as of its general strcture:Drum case, drum, upper chamber. It has high resistance against corrosion. 10,9quality class bolts have been used as fastening element. Bolts ant nuts aredacromate plated and have high yield strength. St 37 quality black sheet hasbeen used for cyclone and its parts have been  joined by means of welding.In order to increase resistance against corrosion, 2 coats of primer have beenapplied and 1 coat of paint has been applied over primer.

Product which enters hopper placed in upper chamber (aspiratör) through theelavator which is the silo equipment is transported to rotary durm within themain case  While product is flowing into drum, dusts and substances lighterthan air within product is drawn by radial fan mounted back of upper chamberand transmitted to cyclone mounted near the radial fan,   It isensurded that the product flows as horizontal by gving suitable inclinationangle to rotary drum so that product sieving process will be carried out inrotary drum and the product is passed out in rotary drum and the product ispassed through screens winded around rotary drum.  Intermediate chamberswithin main case avoid materials which are separated after being passed throughscreens from  mixing with the others and allow the materials to transferinto conveyor through bottom pouring compartments.

Steel Safety Constructions

There are walkways and rest platforms on all OBIAL silos.The calculations of walkways are made in consideration of the clearance ofsupport legs, load from the chain conveyors on them, wind load, snow load andother moving loads and produced accordingly. Assembled using screws, themodular system can easily be assembled, needing no maintenance since it is zincplated.

All safety constructions can be custom produced as dyed orzinc-plated. All safety constructions are produced using angle iron and arefully joined using screw-type assembly, without any welding. The safetyconstructions also come with options including a service platform and stairs.

Command and Automation Systems

In order to safely command and control the machinery used inthe system, OBIAL uses the MCC Boards and PLC-SCADA system produced byOBİ-Electrics. While MCC Boards are used in simple grain storage systems, OBIALrecommends PLC-SCADA systems in bigger and more complex systems.
While the MCC boards require the manual operation of the system, PLC-SCADArequires no expertise since it allows fully automated control. OBIAL prefersworld-known and reliable high quality brands including Siemens,
Schneider Electrics (Telemecanique), and Phoenix Contact in switching materialsfor the command systems of both the PLC-SCADA and MCC boards. The PLC-SCADAcommand system supplied by OBIAL allows for controlling and managing the entiresystem from a single point. Thanks to the software custom-developed for grainstorage systems, all potential errors of the operator are estimated in advance,making the system protected against human errors.
The operator is warned by the system to identify and remedy possible failuresin running equipment and power boards with the exact position of the failure,allowing for immediate response.
The software shows the system’s actions so it becomes possible to respond tothe system. The system is automatically interrupted and emergency stops arepossible with Emergency buttons against potential dangers, which ensuresmaximized personnel safety. Since the system is operated in a certain order andby certain time intervals in conveying all types of grains, any potentialfailures otherwise (grain clogging the system and resulting physical breaks andfailures in system elements caused by overload) are prevented at the onset. Theability to monitor and use the system, and detect failures over the internetsaves time both on the customer and OBIAL side in solving the problem. Theability to control the command panel on 24V and the insulated structure of thecommand system and the power board prevents the system from damages in case offailure. With PLC-SCADA, only the motors needed for the intended work shall beoperated, preventing unnecessary motor operation and saving energy. Since theswitching materials used in the system are, as mentioned earlier, supplied byworld brands allowing easy access to spares in any part of the world, potentialfailures in command systems can easily be remedied in a short time. The commandsystem is designed with industrial and highly resistant products, whicheliminate potential damages to the system caused by external factors includingharsh operational conditions, humidity, high temperature etc.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems built according to the silo capacity andthe characteristic of the grain to be stored are installed into the concreteduring the laying of the foundation concrete. The secanals are coated usingspecially twisted and perforated Magnelis sheets specially designed for theproduct.

OBIAL uses ALFAN branded radial and axial fans in varyingcapacities to ventilate the products stored in the silos of varying sizes andcapacities.

OBIAL ventilation chimneys allow for the easy discharge ofdust formation and pesticides inside the silos. These chimneys are sloped, withwire curtains on their front surfaces. The securtains prevent birds and otherforeign objects from penetrating into the silos. And thanks to its sloped structure,it prevents rain and snow to penetrate.

Where more air outlet is needed, OBIAL produces aventilation fan with a wing diameter of 560 mm. This fan’s air suctiondirection contains a wire curtain, with the air outlet direction having alouvered structure. Louvers open during fan operation, and are designed so thatthey are shut when the fan stops.

 OBIAL also producesportable tunnel ventilation canals strengthened by corrugating and joiningzinc-plated sheets to solve the ventilation problems in horizontal grainstorages.

RF040 2850 RPM d/d 17" 4 7000 152
RF055 19" 5,5 9800 228
RF075 19" 7,5 13000 228
RF110 20" 11 15300 355
RF150 21" 15 18500 355
RF185 21" 18,5 19800 355
RF220 23" 22 20450 406
RF300 23" 30 21300 406


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