One of the leading companies in the world in grain storagesystems, Altuntaş A.Ş. got into the industrial life in 1981 in Aksaray.Starting its operations by producing chicken cages, the organization expandedits production range with axial fans, becoming the first organization producingfans in Turkey under the trademark Alfan. Accelerating its activities andthanks to the strength it obtained through its achievements in the sector, thecompany expanded its vision by adding steel silo production and proved itselfunder the brand OBIAL with its high quality productions addressing the needs inthis specific field.

Expanding its production facilities parallel to the expansion of its productrange and allocating a significant portion of its annual turnover for R&Defforts, Altuntaş A.Ş. puts great emphasis on production technologies, runninga world-class production process. In its production facilities based inAksaray, Altuntaş A.Ş. has an outdoors area of 1.050.000 m2 and an indoors areaof 32.000 m2.

Having completed its brand formation in the Turkish market thanks to itssuperior productions, quality policy, after-sales service approach andprinciples, the company carried its achievements in the domestic market tointernational platforms. Steadily realizing its targets with hundreds ofprojects implemented each year, the company made exports to over 70 countriessince 1994, repeatedly maintaining its leading position as exporter in Aksaray.The brand name ALFAN successfully represents our country in air conditioningsystems, and OBIAL successfully represents our country in steel grain storagesystems and carrier equipment all around the world as well as in Europeancountries. Sustaining its continuity and efficiency with the support of continuedR&D efforts, Altuntaş A.Ş. has proved its success implementinginternationally accepted quality standards and implemented a quality managementunder the TS EN ISO 9001-2008 standards.


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