Working Principle Fan aspirates air into combustion roomthrough shutters and forms a controlled mixture with the gas coming frominstallation. This mixture is burned by the burner. The heat formed advancesalong combusTİon room with the help of burner fan and upper aspirating fan andpasses through transiTİon channel and is transmitted to air channels of productchamber. Thereby heat is transferred to product and some of heated air isextracted in a controlled manner and remaining heated air enters the systemagain and is mixed with the atmosphere air received from cooling shutters. Airis irculated along the system in order to reduce its humidity (saturation).Humidity of the product within this loop is reduced to desired humidity ratioand then product asses from unloading mechanism to hopper and exits the system.Grain which is equal to the amount of product leaving the system is added tosystem with the help of sensors. It is prevented that heat goes toflow pipethrough transition connection by means of this adding process. 1.) It hasgalvanized and thoroughly fixed strong base structure.
General Specifacition
1.) It has galvanized and thoroughly fixed strong base structure.
2.) It allow to work easily under different products and product conditionsthanks to grain intake system.
3.) Interior roof and supports ensure that humidifiedgrain passes throughchamber as granulated.
4.) Turbulent air circulation is avoided thanks to low static pressure and homogenousheat dissipation.
5.) In emergency situations, machine's burning system is closed thanks to heatsensors.
6.) Temperature values is increased to maximum value from nominal by means ofair mixer.
7.) Burners keep temperatures needed fixed continuously.
8.) Burner system consists of Elster Krom Schröder or Dungs brand high-safedevices.
9.) Burner system is worked by using fuels like LPG, LNG (in gas phase) and NG
10.) Grain within chambers is kept under control with emergency unloadingcovers.
11.) Grain storing chamber is automatic controlled and it controls feederelevator and provides electric saving.
12.) It keeps the product within chamber without loss thanks to unloading whichis made invariable by pneumatic system and desired unloading time is adjustedby means of timing mechanism.
13.) It is ensured that fans are protected from external conditions with thefan shutters fixed by
pneumatic system.
14.) High capacity fans are covered by metal sheets, black sheets and coatedwith static paint and burners are covered with stainless and galvanized metalsheets. Doors and covers opened into these
sections allow easy intervention.
15.) Heat loss is reduced to minimum thanks to external heat-insulation.
16.) Whole heat flow, air flow and temperature values within the system arereached and adjusted
with the Siemens control panels (PLC).


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